Sports Psychotherapy

We can all appreciate that the demands on athletes at all levels have increased, and that it can prove difficult to reconcile sporting ambitions and expectations with studies, a career and/or family life. Mental preparation, therefore, has become just as important as physical training.

As a former player, team manager and physical therapist Tomás has invaluable insight into what motivates and faciliates optimal individual and team performance. He has developed a fully customisable programme based on theories of self actualistion that helps provide a road map for athletes that want to achieve their full potential without creating imbalance in their lives. This is delivered via team clinics and one-to-one sessions with athletes and coaches.

Tomás Morley

Tomás Morley

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Pharos is owned by Tomás Morley, a counsellor and psychotherapist. His qualifications underpin significant experience with a wide range of clients on issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship management. Tomás has vast experience in relationship building, teaching, sports and management. Counsellors at Pharos take a common sense approach combined with best practice and proven academic methodology. All consultations are confidential.

You can contact Tomás by:

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