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Five Lonely Coffins

I understand the need for people to look for answers and maybe find an explanation for this unspeakable act of violence. If we can get answers then we can get closure or at least feel a little safer in our skins. We are very uncomfortable with the notion that a person who seems normal could do such an act and if we can make someone out to be the evil one then in some way it makes sense.

Do we need charities ??

The fact is that two or more organisations are attempting to address the same issue doesn’t necessarily lead to double or triple the impact. In the area of mental health the number of charities has exploded over the past five to ten years and though awareness has improved we are nowhere close to addressing the problem.

Lunatic, Imbecile or idiot? Tick the box!

Ok today is the day to fill out your census forms. It’s a bit of a nuisance but it’s a necessary evil if governments (whenever we get one) want to plan ahead. The 2016 version is much more PC than those of the early part of the century. Just taking the 1911 census for...